23 pairs of chromosome

Human beings are made of cells. There are 23 pairs of chromosome in every cell. Chromosomes are built from DNA in which genetic materials of every person are safely kept.

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From the understanding of DNA, several sequencing techniques have been developed and gradually applied in a variety of usage from basic to advanced purposes such as relationship testing, non-invasive prenatal test, cancer screening, genetic potential discovery,… Established in 2010, iDNA has been endeavouring to research and offer the respective high-tech services to customers with best quality and affordable prices.

You have concerns about yourselves and your loved ones? You want to get a clear view of your medical conditions yet do not know where to begin?

We understand all of them. Let us shoulder the heavy parts for you. With our specialist knowledge and experience of genetic counselling, we pledge to deliver accuracy, fidelity and dedication by offering unparalleled DNA services.


We have applied most advanced technology to assure the accrucy of the tests, especially the unprecedented, scalable and speedy NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) has been facilitated in non-invasive prenatal tests and heredity cancer screening.

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The tests are processed in certified laboratories in compliance with certain specialised standards for biotechnology such as ISO-17025, American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), College of American Pathologists (CAP), National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

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  • SCC Accreditted LAB
  • As the umbilical cord of my child was not in best conditions, I was afraid the result would possibly be inconclusive. It was such a surprise that the test was upgraded to 44 loci without extra fee. I was so happy to have my biological child.

    Mr. Hoàng Thắng

    Phú Nhuận District - HCM City
  • Thanks to the kind support of iDNA, our immigration application has been successfully submitted to Taiwanese Embassy. We are very grateful for your help.

    Mr. Lưu Gia

    District 5 - HCM City
  • As far as I know, DNA testing is well trusted because of its accuracy and reliabilty, hence I have chosen iDNA. I was entirely satisfied with the service provided by iDNA.

    Mrs. Phùng Thị Khuyên

    Ứng Hòa - Hà Nội City


  • My child does not take after me, should I have a DNA test?

    DNA testing is currently the most accurate and popular method to identify biological relationships, which has been applied in many countries such as America, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore,etc... According to genetic mechanism, at a specify location on the genes (loci or marker) there are two alleles, each of which is inherited from the father or mother. The combined alleles will determine the visual appearances of your children that may or may not look like you. Therefore, a DNA test is the most reliable way to find out the truth.